More Community Involvement Opportunities

How do I make sure my community's voice is heard in the decision-making process?


It is never too early for your community representatives to start talking to a potential developer that may be considering building a project in your area; these informal conversations and sometimes even informational community meetings are called pre-NEPA communications.

But the formal NEPA process provides for a number of public meetings in or near potentially affected communities.  Once the NEPA process starts, your comments should be made in writing by your elected officials to the lead agency in the NEPA process. Individuals are encouraged to submit comments as well, but there is value and power in working together as a community and being able to speak as one voice when possible. Verbal comments made at a public hearing hosted by the lead agency are another avenue for all interested members of the public to comment and be heard. It is important that the verbal comments made at a public hearing are recorded and saved by the lead agency for the record.

You can make your voice heard at a number of points during the process.  For more information, visit these sections on the web site: