Talking to the Potential Developer

Fishing boats, nets and gearIn addition to the formal public and tribal comment opportunities, it is important that as soon as a developer comes to your region to explore development opportunities that on an exploratory basis, your elected officials begin to speak with them. The sooner that your community leaders get to know the developer and what kind of a project he may propose, the better. If you hear that developers are looking at potential opportunities in your region, ask your officials about what they know.

Even more importantly, the developer should get to know you and your community values. Often communities can influence the shape that a developer’s project will take just by speaking with the company early in their planning process. In fact, this can be critical to designing a project that works to benefit both the developer and the community.

Of course, once the NEPA process starts, there are designated formal opportunities to comment at key milestones in the planning and permitting processes.

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