Who is Affected?

Potentially affected participants in the NEPA public process 

Members of the public listen to testimonyWhile every individual citizen has a right to, and is encouraged to, comment during the NEPA process, those individuals that each community has elected to represent them, city councils and tribal councils for example, are expected to speak for the community as a whole. This official comment role, detailed later here, is important because often residents in rural Alaska are too busy with subsistence activities or full-time jobs at remote sites to have the time to follow all of the details associated with review and study of a development proposal or EIS documents.

Most often the agency comment period for a Draft EIS is 45 days; if special circumstances warrant, an extension of the comment period is granted by some agencies. Each agency has an appeal process should the affected community(ies) (or other special interests) decide to appeal the final ROD or permit conditions.