Regulators Use NEPA to Say "Make Changes"

Projects where regulators required significant changes

Significant changes to the developers’ original proposals were required by state and/or federal regulatory agencies through the NEPA/EIS/regulatory process before the following projects were finally issued permits:

  • Kensington Mine: the Kensington mine had to propose numerous versions of their plan to mine and dispose of their tailings before they finally found a design that was both permittable by the agencies and economic for the company.
  • Mining TunnelPogo Mine: during the EIS process, the Pogo mine was required to move the location of its facilities, the method of water disposal and the location of the access road due to public and agency concerns.
  • True North Mine: the location of the road, an expensive crossing for the Steese Highway, and light and noise stipulations were added as permit requirements on this project due to public and agency concerns.
  • Illinois Creek: The Illinois Creek Mine was originally proposed with a road to the Yukon River but was changed to a fly-in only mine (no road) due to agency concerns.